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Post-consumer waste (PCW) is paper made out of paper which has been used by the end consumer and then is collected for recycling from various recycling programs. This is the best paper to buy, as it uses and creates demand for paper which would normally end up in the landfill and no trees are cut down for making the paper.

Collection Recycled Content
Black 30% Post-Consumer Waste
Brights 20% Post-Consumer Waste
Earthtones 100% Recycled
Grocery Bag 100% Recycled, 20% PCW
Linen FSC Certified 30% Post-Consumer Waste
Natural FSC Certified 10% Post-Consumer Waste
Parchments 30% Post-Consumer Waste
Pastels 30% Post-Consumer Waste
White Recycled 30% Post-Consumer Waste
70lb. Bright White FSC Certified 10% Post-Consumer Waste
80lb. Bright White 30% Post-Consumer Waste


buy recycled paper

Cut Waste
  • Paper accounts for 40% of all municipal waste
  • Recycled paper means less trash, lower taxes & other disposal costs
Save Energy
  • 60-70% energy savings over virgin¬†pulp
  • The paper industry is the 3rd largest user of energy in the U.S.
Protect Natural Resources
  • The U.S. uses 100 million tons of paper a year & use is increasing
  • Recycled paper uses 55% less water & helps preserve our forests
  • Recycling of waste paper creates more jobs
Reduce Pollution
  • The paper industry is one of the largest water polluters in the world
  • Recycled paper reduces water pollution by 35%, reduces air pollution by 74%, and eliminates many toxic pollution